Licensed and Bonded


NACE certifications provide a general knowledge for all coatings and linings.  In addition to that training, REOD personnel have developed years of unique experience in the following areas :

Plural-component Pump Applications

If the product needs to be applied with special plural-component equipment, our inspectors have seen it and done it.

Vinyl Ester Applications

Whether the material is going on with catalyst-injection pumps or being troweled on, our inspectors know the unique nature of every application and every product currently available on the market.

Brick and Tile Applications

This is a field where few inspectors exist.  We have a proven track-record of success inspecting all sorts of brick and tile installations used in the power and petrochemical industries.

Fireproofing Applications

Don't be fooled into hiring inspectors that only have experience in the commercial market!  REOD personnel are highly trained and experienced in the industrial application of intumescent, cementitious, and light-weight cementitious fireproofing materials. 

Applications Over Concrete Substrates

Concrete presents one of the most difficult substrates to apply materials over.  It is often difficult enough to understand the limitations of materials.  That difficulty is increased when dealing with the unique circumstances of concrete.  REOD inspectors have successfully helped numerous customers, especially contractors, navigate the many pitfalls of applying materials over concrete.  Let us know how we can help you!

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